The future- and health-oriented goals of our therapy


The aim of our therapy is towards achieving mental well-being, happiness and self-development

  • Restoring mental and emotional health and a sense of psychological well-being as a basic mental state
  • Development of the ego and spiritual serenity

  • Self-development as a lifelong process: self-knowledge based on the inviolability of each current state
  • Mental equilibrium as a creative conflict resolution
  • Self-confidence and confidence in the future
  • Happiness and a feeling of being established and at ease in the world
  • Discovering your own charm, your individual and unrepeatable style
  • Adopting a constructive and successful way of life
  • Promoting your own leadership qualities, including for those not holding leadership positions
  • Organising social activities
  • Improving resistance against manipulation and abuse (being used)
  • Relationship between entitlement and value